What is Iridology?


      Iridology is a comprehensive tool that reveals good health, poor health, irregularities, and potential problems within the body. By viewing the iris, the entire body including; tissue, brain, circulation, digestion, renal and urinary, respiratory, skin elimination, endocrine, organ health, lymphatic, skeletal and muscular, nervous system, sinus and vocal structures can be viewed and evaluated. It is100% non-invasive and does not harm the client in any way. Doesn’t one need to consider the possibility that God gave us an avenue to evaluate our health issues without cutting the body open or exposing us to unhealthy levels of radiation? Absolutely!




     The biological clock in the brain collects information from the body via nerves, hormones, and peptides 24/7 to evaluate our awake time, sleep time, hormone release, puberty, menopause, etc. The biological clock is located right atop the optic nerve. The information collected by the biological clock is sent out the optical nerve to the iris of the eye. That is the information an Iridologist is reading back to you. It is real time, whether acute or chronic. Grafts or charts do not apply here. What is right for one person is not necessary correct for another. An example is thyroid numbers. They may read normal on the doctor’s chart, but they may be above or below normal for you, as an individual. There is no such thing as charts, grafts, or “norms” at Dallas Wellness Center. Every person is unique and the numbers revealed in your Iridology is unique just to you.




     There are a few problems that I will not be able to see and the evaluation numbers will not reveal. One is cartilage loss. The program does not contain a section for cartilage and I am not able to see it in the eye; although I can see the damage done by lack of cartilage as inflammation and bone loss. If there is no bone loss or inflammation due to lack of cartilage, then I have no way of knowing without your input that you lack cartilage. I cannot see cancers as bone, blood, or creeping cancers. I can also not see some very small tumors, although I have seen tumors in the lymph nodes, stomach, rectum, and lung. I can in no way confirm any cancer whether I see something suspicious or not as I am forbidden to diagnose. What I will do is tell you that there is a suspicious marking in your eye in a particular area and it needs attention. Some people will refer it to their doctor while others would rather stay on the holistic path and start on an anti-cancer regiment. The choice is 100% the client’s decision. Another scenario I have encountered is a very ill, almost debilitated person requests an Iridology and the results reveal a person with healthy organs and systems. How can that be? I follow it up with a hair analysis and 100% of the time, in my experience, it has been heavy metal toxicity. A person can have a perfectly working body, but toxins in the blood and tissues are making the person sick. It is just like a person having the flu, but it does not mean that they are physically damaged or enabled.




     I can find answers in 10 minutes that my clients have been pursuing for years. Such as Celiac disease, thyroid issues due to each half of the thyroid going in different directions, parasites, leaky gut syndrome, candida albican, bowel problems, inefficient enzyme secretions, narrowing of the arteries, deficiencies of the glands in the brain enabling the client from conceiving or causing menstrual problems, causes of migraines, diabetes, bacterial or viral infections, bone loss, inflammation, potential problems, sluggish lymphatic system, adrenal fatigue, and much, much more. The numbers in the read-out are a puzzle that we put together that tells me what your body, yours as an individual, is doing real time. The numbers are accurate. Many times I have uncovered an issue that the client refers to the doctor; just to have it poo-pooed by the doctor and find out later the client has become ill.




     An Iridology appointment is 1 ½ hours long and is $120.00. It is very informative and some people prefer to have a second person present for that second set of ears. The client sits in front of a specialized camera, the face is positioned in a chin cradle and a picture is taken of both eyes. The client then can sit back and relax while I transfer the images to the computer, scan each eye, and print out 3 pages of numbers that coincide with each body system, and a picture of your eyes. While the eyes are scanning and the information is printing, I ask a series of questions, I may blood type the client if they do not know their blood type and we talk about why they chose to come see me for an Iridology. I have had a couple people cross their arms and say, “You tell me why I am here.”Well, I am sure I will see why they came, but if we can communicate the clients concerns before they become too overwhelmed with the amount of information that will be presented, then they are less likely to forget details. I make a list of their concerns and make sure we cover each one. At the conclusion of the Iridology appointment, the client will take home the reading, a picture of their eyes, and a sheet with their concerns, the issues that I found, and my recommendations. The client can take home the products I recommend to remedy their concerns, or purchase the ones that are available to the general public themselves and pick up the products that are not from me at a later date, if they so desire. Again, I am not diagnosing, I am explaining to you what the eyes are revealing….good or bad. Everyone should get an Iridology and Hair Analysis once a year. Everyone should also have an Ion Cleanse done to detox the body at least every six weeks. Everyone should eat right for their blood type 6 days a week and eat the foods that you like in the avoids section once a week, just to keep you on track. Everyone should exercise at least 2 days a week and everyone should try to manage their stress levels through exercises as breathing or yoga and take a cortisol metabolizing supplement. These recommendations are optimal for good health. Optimal health does not happen by accident. It is an ongoing effort to counteract the constant bombardment of food toxins, environmental toxins, poor lifestyle choices, and aging.


By Debra E Dallas, PhD, MIfHI,CI