Medical Mysteries...I Don't Think So!

By Debra E Dallas, PhD,MIfNH,CI







         This article is to help you look at the most prominent diseases in a different way. In no way am I debunking the Medical Community. Their work at saving lives is regarded in the upmost respect.  I mean, you certainly are not calling me if you are in an automobile accident or you break a limb. And where would we be without Nurses; the most caring people on Earth! Nurses get this!


         The point of this article is to demonstrate how the systemic connection of the human body has been lost. Medicine divided the human body’s systems into innumerable sections, educated people to be experts in that section but has neglected to connect each section to the rest of the body (this is a general statement in which there are always exceptions). The human body simply does not work in that way!  Because of this separation in systems, “diseases” are created to label a condition that if the whole body’s systemic connection was realized, diagnosing these disorders would be simple common sense without creating a new completely misunderstood “disease.”


         Diseases as A-fib, diabetes, chronic diarrhea, IBS, coronary artery disease, hiatel hernia, peripheral artery disease of the lower legs, COPD, Parkinson’s Disease, Morgellon’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, asthma and many, many others are 100% explainable and most is 100% both preventable and fixable (I steer away from curable as I am not allowed to diagnose or treat, and I do neither). Most people come to me with a diagnosis, I explain the pathways of these disorders, and these people cure themselves. Please know that the writings in this paper are my own findings through education, Iridology, my trusty microscope, open dialog, and a LOT of common sense.  


          Have you ever heard the expression, “You are what you eat?” If you have, then you know the number one, very first, most important change all of these people will make on their road to recovery. You are what you eat is the truest words ever spoken. Heck, even a baby. seconds out of the womb; knows that! It opens its mouth and presses it against the mothers breast….one second into the world a brand new baby knows exactly what it needs to do!!! It does not look at you and ask for a bottle, right? All the human body has to run on, grow on, repair on; is the food one puts in his/her mouth. If garbage foods are taken in, the result is a garbage body that will break down and destroy ones value of life over time. A good rule to follow for a healthy body is; If God made the food taken in, it is probably healthy, if man made the food taken in, it probably isn’t.  Now, I know what you are thinking, “The foods God gave us are laden with pesticides and environmental toxins and is most likely genetically modified, how can that be healthy?”  Again, the common sense factor comes into play here. There is no way to consume foods that are 100% chemical free due to our polluted air and rain, BUT, doing the best we can sure beats the heck out of the alternative; throwing your arms in the air and eating sugar cereals, Hamburger Helper and McDonalds foods all day. All we can do is our best. If you can’t afford buying organic foods all the time, grow some of your produce. My husband and I grow our own tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, rosemary, sage and basil along the fence and on two sides of the garage… garden…we are just too busy to tend to a garden. We buy our grass-fed beef from a local farm, and we purchase organic eggs from our neighbor. We like to support our local organic produce growers. You see them; they have stands on the side of the road, or a little store at their farm.  Everything else, like organic butter (which is very expensive) we purchase at Shop Right as they have the best organic deals that we have run across. It may take a little more time to gather your week’s food, and yes, a little more money, but again; what is the alternative? What is value of life worth to you?


         OK, before I get into the main interest of this paper, I would like to squeeze in this paragraph here since this is another example of using common sense:


Cancer Prevention: The Medical Method vs. Cancer Prevention the LOGICAL Method


What percentage of the cancers found in "preventive" cancer screenings; mammograms, colonoscopies, pap smears, etc, are actually created by the screenings themselves? Let’s explore just a couple:

  • Mammograms, Medical method – Squash a perfectly healthy breast in a vice-like machine and flood the healthy breast tissue with radiation….once a year, more if they find something “suspicious.” On October 9, 2014, I was watching the show, The Doctors . The doctors were discussing how, with all this prescreening and preventive measures practiced in the medical community, why more women than ever, and even more women with no history of breast cancer in the family, are coming down with breast cancer. The answer is; mammograms . Another scenario I find interesting is how much calcium the doctors are telling women to take to prevent osteoporosis. This calcium is inevitably stored in the tissues including breast tissue and when seen in a mammogram it is considered “suspicious.” Hmmm, what a surprise.


  • Colonoscopies, Medical method – Feed a hose with a camera attached up into the colon looking for polyps. If a polyp is found, it is cut out and an open sore will be exposed to feces until the sore heals. Great idea!



  • Mammograms, Logical method – Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging. Using this method as preventive breast health is 100% un-invasive and 100% safe.  Not only can this method find existing tumors, but it can also detect when blood vessels are gathering to MAKE a tumor. Now that is prevention!! At that point a woman can approach the issue homeopathically and with particular nutritional supplements to deter the formation of a tumor. These same methods can be used to actually irradicate a tumor.


  • Colonoscopies, Logical method – If one feels the absolute need to venture into this, go ahead, but instead of allowing them to cut a polyp out and leave a sore that feces will be in contact with, simply make you aware that there is a polyp, (which just FYI, only 25% of them MAY turn cancerous), and take a homeopathic remedy for polyps as; Kali Bromatum, Anthracinum, or PCHF Polyps and Adhesions.


       Hey! It is your life, and you only go around once. Make your own decisions concerning your health and don’t allow yourself to be pushed around by anyone, including your doctor or your insurance company. Remember that song by Leslie Gore, You Don’t Own Me?    Live by it!!


Disorders are Dis-eases (symptoms), Not Diseases


         So if it is so logical what these “diseases” are and how to fix them, why doesn’t everybody know? I DON’T KNOW!!!! It is very frustrating reading material out there and listening to the News when they are discussing diseases. I just cannot understand how these conclusions are met and why they are not questioned! Now, I am not a Medical Doctor, but I do have PhD in the Health Field and to me it is simply logical what is causing these diseases and that they are symptoms, not an entity in itself.


          Before I begin listing the diseases I would like to explain some terms that are the common denominators in most diseases or healing from them, and I use frequently:


Blood Type Diet – A field of science known as Nutrigenomics taught to a lucky group of open minded students at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine by Dr. Peter D’Adamo in 2003. He wrote the books, Eat Right 4 Your Type, Live Right 4 Your Type, Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia and more. That man is a wealth of information and broadened my scope of knowledge beyond my comprehension.


Celiac Disease – A disorder that is genetically acquired. People with Celiac Disease are missing a gene that converts Lewis A to Lewis B. These people do not produce adequate IgA antibody which leaves their gut open to a barrage of attacks with little help from the immune system. People that cannot convert Lewis A to Lewis B can only produce antibodies in the blood, so antigens of all types can attack the body in any mucus membrane area; i.e. gut, lungs, sinuses, etc. (D’Adamo,  A Century of Blood Type Science, 2003). The tests that the Medical Community are conducting for Celiac Disease only reveals if the patient is intolerance to GMO grains, it is NOT a test for celiac disease. That test is a saliva test that can determine Secretor Status, or a DNA test to determine ones genetic disposition.


Frankengrains – Genetically modified grains.


Gut – Small intestines


Inflamed Arteries – This occurs when macronutrients escape through a leaky gut, enters the bloodstream and are attacked by antibodies when they are detected in the arteries as the blood is headed for the brain or heart.


Leaky Gut Syndrome – This is when microbes, lectins, fungus, parasites, viruses and/or bacteria (other than beneficial bacteria) bind to the microvillus, antibodies attack them, and the microvillus is destroyed. Over time this assault destroys all the microvillus on a villa and the villa atrophies and falls off and there is a structural hole left in the intestines. These holes cannot heal over, they are structural, and new villa do not grow back; it is not grass. Holes formed by parasites and other microbes can absolutely heal over.


Probiotics – This is the good bacteria that reside in the intestines, colon, kidneys, bladder, and vagina. These areas do not necessarily house the same beneficial bacteria, but they all do have their own particular strains. The beneficial bacterium in the gut has several very important jobs. First it maintains a healthy balance of bacteria and yeast, it aids in digestion, creates Anti T&F (an antibody that will attack any cancer cells) and fills in the holes of Leaky Gut which prevents a huge array of disorders.


Yeast –  Candida Albicans. This is the yeast that is naturally occurring in the intestinal tract. It is in balance with the beneficial bacteria (Acidophilus) that goes out of balance when antibiotics are introduced into the body.  Antibiotics kill off our friendly bacteria and leave the yeast to grow in excess. The yeast has a specific job to control the sugar in our blood, so it only becomes a problem when the beneficial bacterium is destroyed. Candida albicans is not the same yeast that is in bread. That is a popular misconception. The yeast in breads is Baker’s Yeast, or Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This yeast poses no threat to the human body as the environment in the gut is not favorable for it. It is not the yeast in breads that affects the Candida in the gut, it is the carbohydrates in the bread that turns to sugar and feeds the Candida.


OK, now that you can understand my lingo, let’s get started:


Acid Reflux – This can be caused by one of two different scenarios or both in the same person. Either a hiatel hernia is present or there is yeast in the sinuses or both.

        Yeast in the sinuses causes post nasal drip. This yeast laden mucus is swallowed and the yeast will bind to the lining of the esophagus and lay on the cardiac sphincter valve. This valve is at the bottom of the esophagus that opens slightly when you start eating to begin the process of acid production to get ready for the oncoming food. If yeast grows on this valve, then it does not close properly and just like a car valve with carbon on it, the car runs terrible and your digestion will run terrible too. Your stomach will continually make acid that will shoot up the esophagus causing acid reflux and when laying down the acid will flow up into the mouth. This erodes the tissues of the esophagus and valve area....Barrett’s esophagus.  Not understanding what is causing this, poor Mr. Barrett has a new disease named after him.

        A hiatel hernia is caused by inflammation in the gut due to leaky gut. The intestines do not have much room for inflammation, so they are pushing up, out, down, anywhere they can. The intestines extend up against the stomach and push it into the esophagus. The cardiac section of the stomach inside the esophagus is a hiatel hernia. Once again, the cardiac sphincter valve then is not closing properly shoved up inside the esophagus producing even more acid and with nowhere else to go, floods into the esophagus.


ADHD – What exactly is ADHD? Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. It seems that this is an “issue” (did you notice I said issue and not disorder?) brought on by a myriad of reasons; none of them standing out more prominent than the next. Let’s start with poor food choices coupled with tainted “healthy” foods. You can absolutely blame parents for the first one and the FDA and Monsanto for the second. The human body only has the fuel entering the mouth to run on; garbage in, garbage results. A balanced diet for a child (or anyone) is not Pop Tarts for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and a bucket of fried chicken for dinner, even if you do include the coleslaw!! M&M’s, Lollypops, gum, Jello, etc, all is chock full of food dyes and sugar. A child’s brain is in its most critical time from birth to age 20. The nerves in the brain are not completely myelinated until then, which is why they make such poor choices! Their brains need healthy, organic foods: vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry and eggs, nuts, beans, and a sugary snack as a TREAT.

          Another contributing factor to these children’s behavior in class is the government’s involvement in how we raise our children and taking away teachers rights to TACTFULLY discipline their students. The result is a country full of children that simply cannot behave themselves (again, that is a general statement and I know there are lots of well behaved children…like my grandkids)….  

So the answer to the ADHD problem caused by these factors, as we all know, is Ritalin and other drugs like it. By any chance have you noticed that the USA is having a terrible heroin problem amongst our young? Well, now you know why; heroin is an opiate, methamphetamines are opiates, cocaine is an opiate and yes, Ritalin is an opiate. Once you take the Ritalin away, the brain is screaming for something to fill the opiate receptor sites in the brain; what easier opiate to obtain than heroin, and cheap too! What a mess we have created!

Why can’t they just leave our food alone and stop trying to make it faster and easier? Why can’t the Federal government stay out of our homes and let us raise our own children the way we see fit? And why can’t kids just be kids? Maybe we will get it right the next time around.


A-Fib (Not caused by a leaky heart valve) – You have probably seen the Xarelto commercial, right? A-Fib is the sudden fluttering of the heart….boom, boom, boom, boom… then it stops. This is due to inflamed arteries caused by macronutrients and other elements being attacked by antibodies in the arteries due to leaky gut. All of a sudden, the brain is not getting sufficient blood so demands the heart to beat harder to get more blood to the brain. Remember, inflammation in the arteries is temporary. Once the ruckus over the macronutrient in the blood is over, it subsides. So, one can take actions to plug the holes in the gut so it stops happening coupled with a B-Complex, or.... take Xarelto, the drug on the commercial. Check it out!

Oh yea, I pick that!


Allergies – Sneezing, sinus headaches, watering eyes, sinus infections, and all sinus afflictions are causes by yeast in the sinuses. The yeast attracts other funguses as mold and if you can think of the Mucinex commercials you can imagine what is happening in your sinuses. When antigens, as pollen, animal dander, dust, dust mites, pollutants, etc, enter the nasal passages, the yeast reacts stimulating the mast cells to produce histamine so the sinuses will produce mucus to rid the passages of the offender. If you don’t have fungus in the sinuses, this over-reaction does not occur. Again, this is a result of antibiotics.


Alzheimer’s disease – If you have read any information that is published by the Medical Community, then you already know that this disease is caused by “plaque” in the brain. OK, I can fall for that….but what, how, and WHY?? Here it is: Plaque in the brain is brain trash. It is the spent calcium ions that have run their cycle and is now lying all over the brain.  So why is it there? Because inflamed or narrowed carotid arteries have inhibited enough Magnesium L-Threonate rich blood from detoxifying the brain of these spent calcium ions. This special magnesium passes through the blood brain barrier, binds to the spent calcium ions and carries them out of the brain for elimination. So how does one prevent Alzheimer’s disease? Keep your arteries to your brain open with Nattokinase. Nattokinase is best absorbed when taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning when the intestines is completely clear of food. Nattokinase is an enzyme that can permeate right through the intestinal wall, enter the bloodstream, sticks to any buildup in the arteries and because it is an enzyme, dissolves anything under it. Over time, the build up in the arteries is gone. The other elements in the blood that is essential for long time cognition is oxygen, minerals, vitamins (especially B vitamins) and other enzymes, too. The trick to preventing Alzheimer’s is oxygen and nutrient rich blood. As people age, it is natural for their blood pressure to rise as the heart is tired and must work harder to nourish the brain. It is common practice for Doctors to try to keep seniors blood pressure at 120/80, or even less. Maybe that is a contributing factor to dementia and Alzheimer’s? Enough blood simply can’t make it up there? It certainly is why they are falling asleep in my office in the middle of their appointments. Supplements that can aid in the process of memory recovery are Jarrow Mag Mind, which IS Magnesium L-Threonate, and Phosphatidylserine Complex which comes from egg yolks, animal meats, and soy, and are the essential phospholipid membrane components. Just what the brain cells need! I investigated Prevagen, an expensive memory recovery product, but found that the molecules in Prevagen are 27,600 Daltons; too large to fit through the blood brain barrier. They tried to tell me that there are special gateways that their product fits through but I questioned how God new about their product when he made the human brain? When I read their research then I understood! They injected it into the brains of rats. Now that makes sense!! Then they experimented with dogs, but a dog’s brain is 100 fold more permeable than the human brain. How do you know when a dog’s memory is better?

They stopped responding my emails…. 


Angina – Is pain in the chest due to the heart muscle cramping or spasms from lack of sufficient oxygen from blood; in other words, 1 or more clogged arteries. Clogged arteries are caused by leaky gut. Oil from vitamins as vitamin D, fish oils, flaxseed oil, krill oil, etc and even the foods we eat can leak through the holes in the gut and end up in the liver where they cause fatty liver, then into the blood stream where the fats are oxidized by the oxygen in the blood, become sticky and stick to the artery walls. This becomes a favorable environment for minerals that also leaked through the gut and from taking supplements as calcium, zinc, iron, multivitamins and minerals, etc., to build on the sticky oil. Oil vitamins are not utilized very well by the human body taken in supplement form. Because the human body does not excrete oils through feces and urine, it is very picky how and what oils it will utilize. Due to this, the body is resistant to use oils that have skipped steps in the ingestion/breaking-down process. So the oils the body will utilize are the oils taken as food. Good sources of these oils are: fish, nuts, avocados, seeds, olives, etc.

OK, what to do for Angina and clogged arteries? Eat right for your blood type to create fewer holes in the gut, take probiotics to close the  holes already created, take Nattokinase to dissolve the buildup, and stay clear of oil vitamins!


AsthmaChildhood asthma - When a child comes down through the birthing canal of a mother who is infected with a yeast infection, the yeast enters through the infant’s nose and mouth. This early in life, the infant does not possess any beneficial bacteria to ward off the yeast. The yeast quickly sets up shop coating all mucus membranes, including throughout the lungs. This scenario is childhood asthma.  This “disease” can absolutely be eradicated with homeopathics and beneficial bacteria (infant acidophilus; Infantus).  


Asthma – Adult asthma – This eventually is diagnosed as COPD. You see on TV, the commercials for COPD medicine, “COPD is not curable.” I attest to that statement. Most COPD is caused by a lifetime of post nasal drip. The fungus mixed in the mucus dripping down ones throat can and many times does, migrate to the lungs. Again, homeopathic remedies and beneficial bacteria can change the outcome of their story.


Autism – Years ago when I was working on my Masters Degree, my MA Thesis was on Mercury Poisoning. During that research, so I cannot give you a reference as it has been too long for me to remember where I learned this, but I never forgot it. I want to say, I got it from, but I am not sure. Anyway, I learned that almost all blood type A boys are born with the Autism gene. Now, whether it is expressed or not is determined by one factor; TOXINS. If the mother’s body burden (toxic load) is great, it will inevitably be passed on to the baby, and then the vaccines given at birth may initiate the expression of the gene due to too great a body burden in the baby. Once it is done, and the gene is expressed, it is too late to turn back. If it were me, and I wanted my child vaccinated, I would wait 6 months before the first shot is administered, then one at a time until the child starts school.


Benign Positional Vertigo – Vertigo that simply does not go away is not BPV. It is the atlas at the base of the skull out of position. A simple visit to a good Chiropractor solves the problem. People come to me that are in “walking therapy” so they can learn to walk without falling over. That reminds me of “pain management therapy”….. True BPV is the crystals in the ear that control our balance moves out of position. For that there is a homeopathic remedy, PCHF Vertigo Drops. That works wonders for BPV. Another culprit in vertigo and imbalance is aspirin. Simply by replacing the aspirin with Nattokinase, you would eliminate the dizziness and still be protected from build up in the arteries. Vertigo can Also be caused by Vitamin D supplementation.



Bone Spurs – These are calcium deposits caused by calcium supplements, hyper parathyroid, or poor digestion. It is very common for people on Antacids to have this problem as it takes an acid stomach to absorb calcium properly. Also very common (these days),  people taking Vitamin D, as too much Vitamin D causes Hyperparathyoidism (Ahiquist, Cranfield, Corns, March 2007). These deposits can take on a hard pointy form which can cause much pain and damage to the surrounding tissue. The most common way to eliminate the problem is through surgery. It will come to no surprise to you that I disagree. There is a product out on the market called Ipriflavone. NOW has such a product and Enzymatic Therapy has Ostivone with Ipriflavone in it. Other Ostivone products have yet more calcium in them so they would be counterproductive.


Burning Urinary Tract (UTI) – This applies to intermediate burning that can also be present on the outside of the vagina; both male and female can experience the burning throughout the urinary tract. The problem here is oxalates; phytochemicals in many of our beloved leafy green vegetables, some fruits, and definitely nuts. Oxalates are also the cause of many kidney stones. These phytochemicals bind to calcium and create sharp crystals that can become lodges in the sensitive tissue of the urinary tract. Once there, when high oxalate foods are consumed, the urinary tract tissue becomes inflamed and the burning begins. This scenario depletes the glutathione stores and many of these people become chemical sensitive. So, download yourself a list of low-oxalate foods, and change your diet. Juicing increases the chances of this type of urinary inflammation.

Chromhidrosis - This is the oxidation of minerals in your apocrine or eccrine glands. In other words, these people oxidize the minerals in their sweat glands and secrete blue, green, yellow, or black sweat. I find it interesting that this condition is so perplexing to the medical community, I do agree that the metabolic process is definitely a mystery, but I do know that life-changing experiences can cause it. So the solution to this condition for the Medical Community is to inject botox into the sweat glands to prevent you from sweating.....uh...what? That can't be good! Can't we simply use common sense? Oxidation.........Antioxidants!!!!! Get it? Simply take an AntiOxidant formula along with 500mg of Vitamin C. That will stop the colors, so at least you can move on with your life....:-)


Colic – The screaming infant all day and night, writhing in pain is the yeast that child has taken in during childbirth in the birthing canal. This child needs Infant Acidophilus, Infatus. If that does not solve the problem them the mother should take gluten out of her diet if she is nursing, or use a gluten free formula.


Crohn’s Disease, Diverticulitis, IBS, Chronic Diarrhea, C Difficile – In my opinion, the first three are caused by the same problem; Celiac disease or Frankengrain intolerance. The constant assault on the gut and colon destroys the beneficial bacteria in both areas. Probiotics are perfect for the small intestines, but the colon’s bacterium is different. When the good bacteria in the colon is wiped out, not only is the wall of the colon open to the assaults of the chime (poop before it reaches the transverse colon), but is under constant assault by our own antibodies. It can also cause chronic diarrhea. Plus, if the good bacteria is lacking in the colon, we will be lacking of CoQ10, B12, and Vitamin K. Now, here are your choices to replace the good bacteria:

  • Sacchromyces Boulardii – is a yeast that cannot live in our bodies, so it is simply passed through the entire intestinal tract. When it reaches the transverse colon, it will sit there for quite some time until enough chime has built up to form a decent stool for the morning poop. While the Sacchromyces Boulardii is sitting in the transverse colon, its waste product is our beneficial bacteria. Usually a 3 month course will satisfy the deficiency.

  • OR

  • Fecal Transplant….yes you heard me right….. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!!!! The premise here is to place the poop from a healthy person in the colon of an unhealthy person….YUK! What makes them think that a healthy person poops out their beneficial bacteria????? Feces is chock full of toxic waste product and nobody else’s toxic waste should EVER be placed in your body!

    You know? I have never seen any Poop Mobiles for donations, or even a Poop Donation Drop-off Station. So whose poop is it? YOU’RE DOCTORS????? WHO KNOWS???? YUK!! Never ceases to amaze me…!

     See, I told you, you thought I was kidding, right? I wish I was!!

    UM….I PICK OPTION #1!!!!


Diabetes, Type II – You are led to believe that Diabetes Type II is caused by too much sugar and being overweight. Well, I don’t know about you, but I know lots of people that are overweight that do not have diabetes and I know thin people that have diabetes. Yes, there are more overweight people that DO have diabetes, but isn’t the general population more overweight than thin? The truth is, Diabetes Type II is caused by the lectin in wheat binding to the same receptor site as insulin leaving insulin limited sites to bind to ( D’Adamo, 2003). That results in insulin resistance that leads to Diabetes, Type II. It is caused by wheat, not sugar. Unless you are an AB blood type, get off the wheat and the diabetes will improve.

Hypothyroid – Is not a deficiency of Synthroid. Hypothyroid is a deficiency of digestive enzymes. When food is going through the digestive tract not digested properly, the gut sends chemical messengers to the thyroid slowing it down so the food moves through the digestive tract slower. Get it? It slows down your metabolism? So keep an eye on your fingernails, if you are developing ridges in them, then you should begin to take digestive enzymes before your thyroid becomes hypo.


Kidney Stones – Leaky gut allows all types of macronutrients in varying amounts to leak out into the body. These elements will end up in the blood stream, filtered through the liver and is either stored in the tissues or sent out through the kidneys and bowel, or all three. All of those women that have been put on calcium supplements and vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis are at risk for kidney stones, calcification in the breasts, bone spurs, hyperparathyroidism, and osteoporosis. All others can prevent the kidney stones by drinking sufficient water to flush these unabsorbed minerals out of the kidneys. All of those women that suffer from calcium build up need to eliminate the supplements, and take Ipriflavone to encourage the body to absorb the excess stored calcium throughout the body. Calcium is not absorbed well at all from supplementation. Calcium from dairy is not well absorbed either as it is calcium carbonate; great for calves, but not for humans. Green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of the kind of calcium that is readily absorbed in the human gut. Another source of kidney stones is juicing. This is explained in the Urinary Tract section.


Menstrual Issues- Oh wait, never mind, girls don’t have to get their period anymore; they have the DEPO shot!! OMG! That is AWESOME…now girls do not have to bleed anymore!.....or is it? You know how alcoholics can produce an Alcoholism Gene that can be passed on to their children? Well, eventually will the mechanism that decreases the production of estrogen and progesterone to allow the blood to flow be inhibited by a gene produced by these girls on the DEPO shot? It is the old, “If you don’t use it, you lose it” scenario. Menstrual cramps, fibroids, and endometriosis, and ovarian cysts are all caused by hormone imbalances.  Eat right for your blood type, eat GOOD foods, take probiotics to fill the holes of leaky gut, and see how that works for you.


Migraines – This is a tough one, but definitely not impossible to overcome. Migraines are usually narrowed down to hormones, casein allergy, food allergies or intolerances, leaky gut, or atlas adjustment. By exploring the whole picture and performing an Iridology, it is usually obvious which the culprit is. Inflamed arteries are the cause of hormone imbalances triggering migraines caused by leaky gut and some food intolerance. Casein allergies are isolated in an Iridology by a lacuna (inflammatory mark) in the brain area and some common behavior issues. Sudden erratic behavior following displeasure is one. I often wonder how many people are in jail for a terrible act initiated by a casein allergy. Migraines caused by a misaligned atlas will most likely (but doesn’t have to) be accompanied by other symptoms as dizziness or imbalance, nausea, tinnitus, and TMJ. An Iridology would also reveal an atlas misalignment.



Morgellon’s Disease – This is a symptom, not an entity in itself. I wrote an entire article on Morgellon’s Disease which was published as I want the world to know that these poor people are not crazy! They simply cannot get help because the medical community thinks it is psychological; that they have a bug phobia. Morgellon’s is a symptom of Celiac Sprue. I see it in people that have leaky gut over 75%. There is so much stuff leaking out into the body and ending up in the liver that the liver can no longer perform some of its most basic duties; as the degradation of fibrin to be passed through the kidneys. Instead, the liver stores this fibrin, in its whole threat-like form, in the tissues. The body’s natural response to toxins stored in the tissues is to try to eliminate them through the largest elimination organ of the human body, the skin. As these fibers are working their way to the surface, they become entangled with each other that can trap other elements in it, as parasites; like a turtle in a fishnet. This causes INTENSE itching as it feels like bugs crawling under the skin. These people literally dig holes in their body to get relief. Since these people are not properly diagnosed, even their loved ones begin to think they are nuts. They are not nuts; they are unfortunate victims of Celiac Sprue. GLUTE FREE, PROBIOTICS, DIGESTIVE ENZYMES, and ION CLEANSING!!!


Parkinson’s Disease – It is common knowledge that Parkinson’s disease is caused by the lack of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. This occurs when the dopamine producing cells in an area of the mid-brain called the substantia nigra die due to a lack of a brain-protecting chemical called PINK1 protein. PINK1 protein produces a chemical messenger, phosphor-ubiquitin, that switches on Parkin protein.

(March, 2014, These UK researchers have discovered that Parkinson’s disease is a gene mutation in 2 genes that bear the same names, PINK1 and Parkin. My thought is then; if the brain is not making enough Dopamine the most logical course of action is to replace the dopamine. This idea has already been tested by the medical community to no avail. Unfortunately, dopamine taken orally or injected into the body is too large to fit through the blood brain barrier, as are many brain enhancing nutritional products. So how do you get the dopamine in the brain? You don’t. Instead, encouraging the brain to produce its own dopamine is the only logical solution. Homeopathic dopamine is information of dopamine. By placing the homeopathic dopamine under the tongue, the information travels to the brain where is it analyzed and the brain is encouraged to produce more of its own dopamine. Now, just my educated opinion (more like common sense), if more dopamine is present in the brain then would not the brain produce more dopamine cells? You know the saying, “Build it and they shall come.” The supplement that I discussed earlier, Phosphatidylserine Complex, I would highly recommend in conjunction with the homeopathic dopamine. And again, please don’t be fooled by “brain enhancing supplements” that can no way get through the blood brain barrier.


Peripheral Artery Disease of the Lower Extremities – Have you ever noticed how many seniors have purple lower legs? This is called Peripheral Artery Disease by the Medical Community. I call it Sedentaryism; simply sitting too much! Not only is the circulation inhibited by the position of sitting, but the blood isn’t being forced to the extremities by working the heart and lymph. The lymph can only circulate through movement, lymph nodes have no pumps. Another problem is that doctors insist on everybody’s blood pressure to be under 120/80 no matter what the person’s age. Doesn’t it make sense that as we grow older, so does our heart and it would have to work harder to do the same work it did in our younger days to get the blood around? Absolutely! To me that is simple common sense. So if you don't want purple legs, allow your BP to be around 140/90 so you have enough energy to MOVE!


Restless Leg Syndrome – Is any situation that causes the nerves in the legs to make themselves known. Among these situations is physical injuries to nerves, sitting too long restricting blood flow to legs, pinched nerve from spinal column, inflammation in the pelvis area pressing on nerves, pregnancy, and innumerable other scenarios that affect the nerves traveling from the spine to the legs. The best way to remedy it is to get to the root of the problem and remedy that. People that sit all day at a desk could eliminate many back pains and nerve problems in the legs or radiating from the back to the legs (sciatica) by purchasing a ball chair (my favorite is Gaiam Ball Chair; I own 2). By sitting on a ball chair instead of a traditional chair, the pressure in the lower back is relieved, blood flow to the legs improves, posture improves, and the contour of the chair is more suited to the human body for more comfort. It is amazing the difference a ball chair can make! There are also some very affective homeopathic remedies to calm the legs while fixing the root problems or for those situations that the root problem is injury and cannot be fixed.


Sinus Infections – YEAST again! Sinus issues are Candida albicans that migrates up the mucus membranes from the gut to the sinuses. When this occurs, the average person goes to his/her family doctor and is given an antibiotic. How ironic is it that it is antibiotics that cause this entire scenario to begin with! The best way to escape the perils of sinus infections is to rid the sinuses of the yeast and STAY OFF ANTIBIOTICS!! Not only would the sinus infections cease, but so would allergies, snoring, sleep apnea, and post nasal drip. Homeopathics are the best treatment for sinus infections. Also, simply blowing the nose is huge! That alone can improve the coughing symptoms and decrease the duration of the sinus infection. It is a good practice to blow the nose several times daily to rid the sinuses of the mucus, dust and toxins filtered out of the air by the cilia lining the passageways. People say to me that they do not have the urge to blow their nose; do it anyway!


Urinary Tract Infections – Also called UTI’s, this is either inflammation caused by irritation of the urinary tract, or the presence of fungus or bacteria. I am finding that lately, due to this juicing craze, the irritation and inflammation is as prominent as the yeast! Yes, the nutrients in juicing is good for you, but the concentrated nutrients are not the only elements present in the juice. There is also concentrated calcium and oxalates which can bind together producing little sharp molecules that can get stuck in the tissue in the urinary tract and can bind together to produce kidney stones too. The good bacteria can be replaced in the urinary tract by taking D-Mannose. Learn more here:

EHow gets to the point without trying to sell you a product or scare you from taking it; it is perfectly safe!


Vitamin D Deficiency- If you do not suffer from Rickets, you have PLENTY of Vitamin D!!!! Vitamin D is NOT a circulating vitamin, SO OF COURSE YOUR LEVELS IN THE BLOOD WILL BE LOW, DAH!!!! It is ingested in protein foods, travels to the liver where it is utilized or stored. The human body produces Vitamin D from cholesterol in the skin when sunlight hits it so enough D is stored in the liver for the long winter months. It is the ONE VITAMIN that absolutely does not need supplemented! According to Elson Haas, MD in his book, Staying Healthy with Nutrition, Vitamin D is “..considered to be the most potentially toxic vitamin” and “…hypervitaminosis D occurs with high doses of more than 1000 IU for one month.” DO YOU HEAR THAT????? Just 1000 IU of D for ONE MONTH and you are TOXIC! Instead of simply looking up, Vitamin D; look up: The Dangers of Vitamin D Supplements, or The Toxic Effects of Vitamin D Supplements. If you just look up “Vitamin D”, you will only see what the Medical Community want s you to see.

          What have you learned so far? If your Doctor recommends a vitamin, it probably isn’t good for you! What are the supplements recommended by doctors: Vitamin D, Fish oils, and Calcium? We can replace those 3 words with Fatty Liver, Atherosclerosis, and Calcification. Sounds like a plan to me! Why don’t they recommend Probiotics for UTI’s, thrush, colic, stomach pain, acid reflux, earaches, etc? Or Raw B-Complex for palpitations and high blood pressure? Or Digestive Enzymes for diarrhea, constipation, hypothyroid, or stomach issues? Or Red Yeast Rice for high cholesterol? You just have to ask yourself, “WHY?”





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